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Have you ever worked for a company that really understood software development? Neither have we. During the typical interview process, you learn very little about whether a potential employer is any good. Only after slinging code at a new job for several weeks do you realize that "fast-paced work environment" really means, "If you're fast, you can finish all your work in 80 hours a week."

Coderific empowers software developers to anonymously rate the companies they work for. We provide the web site. You provide the employer ratings. With enough reviews, good employers emerge. Now, you can find out whether the employees of a company actually like working there — before you even write a single line of code.

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1. Squareweave unrated
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4. QS/1 unrated
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8. Information Builders Inc unrated
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10. Integrated Medical Systems, Inc. (IMS) unrated

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  • Re: project management is a problem posted by Mark on February 25, 2014 01:22 AM

    More and more companies are trying to get nimble to enable them to respond to change with agility. Over the years, there has been a clear shift in momentum about the ways how companies manage projects. So, the project manager should be a PMP...